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Full Product Line

Offer your clients everything travel

online travel booking system

Turn your website to an online travel booking system

Step 1: Setup your products

product name, description, price(s), availability, website content, marketing images and options.

Step 2: Integration

You can easily integrate Rooster Bookings by pasting an API link to the code of your website.

Step 3: Manage Bookings

Log into your Rooster Bookings account and manage your sales and customers. Generate invoices, itineraries, contact your suppliers and complete all bookings

Happy Customers 90%
Competitivity 80%
Success Stories 70%

Meet our team

  • After struggling to automate many simple tasks in our own travel agency with outdated and expensive travel booking systems we decided to develop Our goal was to create a travel booking system with all the functions and features most travel agents desire along with being user friendly and affordable for any firm size. I am proud to say that we have accomplished what we had set out to do. We have a great support team who are ready to help with any questions or needs. I'm committed to making sure we do all that we can to earn your business. Try it now! #travel booking software #software for travel agents

    Doug Pitcher President, Co-Founder

  • Aloha! Our team is excited to answer any questions or help make the most out of your RoosterBookings experience. We invite you to grow with us and would love to hear your feedback. If there are any specific functionality or features that you need help with or wish was included in RoosterBookings please feel free to email and I'll be happy to respond directly. We are open to ideas. #software for travel agencies #booking system for travel agents

    Dennis Mataia Project manager, Co-Founder

  • I'm known as "pretty boy" on our team and I kinda like it. I guess its because I developed the best part of the system such as instant Itineraries, Invoices, Quotes and Payments. If you have any questions regarding these areas, please let me know. I think you'll love the Itineraries especially. #travel agency software #tour operator software

    Vlad Sarukhanyan Back-End Developer

  • Hey guys! I'm excited to share RoosterBookings with all of you. We have developed every module with the thought of "how can we make your life easier?" I hope that you'll enjoy the simplicity of each RoosterBookings module and please let me know if you need any help. Go to our contact us page or just email us at Catch ya later. #software for travel industry #travel agency system

    Hakob Baghdasaryan CTO

  • Hi. I go by Raf. I'm a front end developer, a mathematician and I love cats. Solving complicated queries and breaking codes are some of my expertise. I'm up for the challenge, so feel free to test me. Nothing is impossible, its just a matter of time. #online travel agency software

    Rafael Margaryan Front-end developer

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