• What to look for in a good travel itinerary

    Thank goodness for travel opportunities. We’ve had one of the worst winters ever in recent memory. We are 125% snow pack in the mountains and if things don’t warm up soon, the Canadian wilderness where I live will turn into an uninhabitable wasteland where only Vikings and crazy people live.

    To escape the winter doldrums I’ve fled to Hawaii with my family and am visiting our corporate headquarters on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. While I work during the day my wife and kids are off exploring. As I’ve thought of their adventures I started thinking about how to best meet their recreational needs and my work obligations as well. What we really need a good plan or itinerary of our daily schedule.

    We started planning out this trip and listed all the locations, events, and educational prospects we wanted to accomplish in the three weeks we are away. As with most trips we try to get as many educational activities planned to give our kids the most varied outlook on life as possible.

    We started listing such things as visting Pearl Harbor, Nuuanu or punch bowl creator, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. After deciding all the activities we wanted to do we looked at pricing and timing of when we could go to all of these.

    When all was said and done we consolidated all of the events into one document.

    Of course the plan we set up wasn’t as detailed as most travel agents give their clients. It doesn’t include check in times, check out times, drop off place, drop off time, return time, etc. But it did include potential dates, description of activity, and the venue we were planning on going to.

    The idea was to include everything we needed into one document. That way we didn’t have to find the multiple websites, emails, and files when we wanted to do something.

    It’s really nice to also have a multiple week holiday schedule broken out into several potential daily schedules and still be really flexible to change what we want to do depending on how we feel that day.

    I would list out all the activities we decided to do while we are here but really all that matters is we are in a warmer climate and enjoying the fact we don’t have to plan out our wardrobe based on the negative degrees we see on the thermometer like most crazy Canadians at this time of year.

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