• Turning a Vacation into a Workation

    doug-pitcher[1]We are at week two of our Hawaiian workation. The family is playing while I’m at our corporate headquarters putting the finishing touches on the travel agency software we’ve spent the last two years developing. We have it live and running on a few tour operator websites but we are really excited to release the full version to anyone needing a booking system for travel agents.

    It’s a wonderful life working from Hawaii. I find myself getting up in the morning fairly early and then working a full day and being done by 2 pm or 3 pm since all my regular clients and employees are done their day on the mainland by then.

    While here on the North Shore we decided to camp on the beach for five nights. I know it sounds like we were skimping out on a hotel expense but the kids actually wanted to rough it on the beach for that time. We brought tents and sheets and we camped Hawaiian style. We put up what’s called an Easy Corner that protects everything under it from rain and debris. Thank goodness I have friends that know the ins and outs of camping here. They were on the state park tour reservation system right at 5 pm the week before and got us a permit for the five nights.

    Camping was such a good experience. The kids spent about six hours a day in the water and I worked out of the makeshift office when not in the corporate office.

    One of the days while I was working later in the day I ran a process for a client on the US East Coast. They were six hours ahead of our time here. I was sweating in bed around 3:30 am and got a call from the client. I pulled myself out of the tent and headed to a park bench and supported them for an hour or so. I thought if anyone drove by they would have thought a homeless person was squatting on an uninhabited bench.

    I’m not sure but I’d guess our kids are about the only Canadians that can say they lived the homeless life in Hawaii and I’m the only Canadian that actually consulted on a beach in Hawaii at 3:30 am.

    There’s something to be said with a workation. It’s allowed me to spend a lot longer away from our normal life in Canada and has given me a lot of time to work on making our travel agency system the best tour operator software possible.

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