ProblemCustomers can’t book online from my website

One big turn off for the average internet user is finding a great product online but not being able to purchase the product immediately. Online shoppers approach the internet with an attitude of “I need it and I need it now”. It’s a turn off if they have to fill out a Contact Us form and wait for someone to call or email back. It’s also a negative experience to call and speak with a salesperson who tries to upsell more expensive or unwanted products. Users want to be in control, research, plan, and purchase on their own time schedule. After all, that is why they’re on the internet in the first place as opposed to speaking to a travel agency.

Our SolutionIncrease sales by allowing your clients to purchase online and be in control of the buying process

  • Easy, out-of- the-box Book Now Template.

    This template is ready to go. Just copy and paste the code into your website and get ready to receive online bookings. Customizing color and text formatting to your preference is super simple. Do it yourself or have your own developer get you started.

    • Step 1 of 5: Select Dates
    • Step 2 of 5: Customers Information
    • Step 3 of 5: Choose the Options
    • Step 4 of 5: Overview the Information
    • Step 5 of 5: Payment Information
  • Customized Book Now Template.

    This option is for:

    • Websites that already have booking capabilities but would like to integrate their website bookings into their RoosterBookings account.
    • Websites that don’t have booking capabilities but do not like the out-of- the-box Book Now template. Whatever your need is, RoosterBookings can provide you the required data to make it happen. Customized booking pages generally will follow the format below.
    Click here to see a sample Book Now Button integrated with RoosterBookings